Bowpicker Fish & Chips

I really don't like hot weather. At all. It was 95-degrees in Portland yesterday. Escaping to Astoria on the Columbia River sounded like a good idea, but it was 93 there. Whenever visiting Astoria, I must have Bowpicker's Fish & Chips (it's that good) – they use freshly caught tuna from the docks every day, and it's the only item on their menu. They start serving around 11 a.m. and quit when they run out of fish.

They must be doing something right to for me to willingly stand in line for an hour in the searing sun for 5 pieces of perfectly fried fish. But stand in line I must, because it's worth it! You'll meet people from all over the world while waiting for your turn. Yesterday there was a couple from Germany who read about Bowpicker on Twitter, others from Seattle, Phoenix, eastern Washington, and Southern Oregon. Next time you find yourself in Astoria, look for their boat in a parking lot across from the Maritime Museum, and definitely try the fish.